Tuesday, February 20, 2018
iota has gone up to $0.76 - 16 november 2017

IOTA Has Reached $0.76 Today – 16 November 2017

IOTA is on a roll and it may go back up to its $1 original price weeks ago, i.e. before Bitcoin Cash came about. IOTA...
global blockchain technologies invests in 20 million in smart media tokens

Global Blockchain Technologies To Invest $20m In Steem’s Smart Media Tokens

Global Blockchain Technologies corporation has entered into an agreement with Steemit Incorporated to start a joint venture and establish a $20 million dollar Steem...
bitcoin cash overtake bitcoin

Will Bitcoin Cash Overthrow Bitcoin As The No.1 Crypto?

Ever since Segwit2x was cancelled, Bitcoin has had a rollercoaster effect. Surprisingly it dropped rapidly but shortly went up after the announcement, perhaps due...

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jumanji review

Review Of Jumanji : Welcome To The Jungle

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overwatch memes that you should check out

6 Overwatch Memes That You Should Check Out

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