Where Is The Biggest Uniqlo In The World?

biggest uniqlo in the world

Uniqlo is a Japanese brand with lots of branches all over the world. You can easily see plenty of Uniqlos in Kuala Lumpur itself. It’s definitely one of the more popular retail and online store for clothes in Malaysia. Ever wondered how huge the biggest Uniqlo is? Or where is it located?

biggest uniqlo in the world

That’s right, it’s located right at the heart of Ginza, Tokyo! Ginza is a high-end district with lots of luxury brands and you’ll probably see sports cars on the road as well.

Most people can’t afford to shop at Ginza, but Uniqlo is still pretty affordable.

The Uniqlo in Ginza, Japan, is 9-floors high with a few floors dedicated to women’s clothing and a few for men’s clothing. They have a floor for Uniqlo’s Special T-shirts as well.

biggest uniqlo in the world

View from the bottom. The building may be tall but the store isn’t that wide to be honest. It’s super crowded and there are queues everywhere, from changing rooms to cashiers.

biggest uniqlo in the world

Contrary to how it is in Malaysia, you definitely won’t hear the “Welcome to Uniqlo!” (duh). It sounds much sweeter in Japanese!

The ground floor itself is just a display of the more popular items and if you’re looking for specific ones, you have to go to the designated floor.

If you’re a tourist in Japan, you can get the tax rebate if you spend a certain amount and the cashier can do it for you. You don’t need to go and get a rebate at the airport.

biggest uniqlo in the world

If you drop by Ginza, you may want to check out Uniqlo. It’s cool to actually see the biggest Uniqlo in Tokyo and in the world.

Have fun shopping!