7 Tips For Food Photography That Beginners Should Know Of

food photography tips

Hey guys, if you’re interested in food photography or simply love to take photos of food, here are some tips to improve your food photography. We are by no means experts but we’re not too terrible at it.

1. Natural lighting is the best

A lot of food photographers love to shoot in the daytime because their photos naturally look better with the sunlight. This doesn’t mean you should have direct sunlight; indirect sunlight that lights the room evenly is the best.

Your photos will naturally look better and it eliminates noise (pixellation) in the photos.

food photography tips

2. Do not be afraid to experiment with different shooting angles

A lot of foodies on Instagram are so good at food photography. Some are great at close-ups but many these days are taking photos from afar. Clean tabletop photos of food and some decorations on the table. They’re great of course but you don’t have to only stick to one style.

You can try both close-ups photos and tabletop photos. Sometimes it works better for one angle. Keep experimenting and taking different angles to see what you like the best.

3. You don’t need a DSLR to take awesome food photos

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need a high end camera to take the best photos. That said, DSLR is used by professional photographers since it’s still slightly better than the top smartphone camera. Most people can’t tell the subtle differences.

These days, a lot of iPhone or Samsung users take amazing photos just with their smartphone cameras. It’s a lot to do with the angle and the lighting. A good camera doesn’t automatically make a good photographer.

food photography tips

4. Avoid distracting subjects

Sometimes you have empty plates or used tissues in the background. Remove all of these distractions that will only steal the thunder of your glorious food subject. Clear all of the mess before you even begin shooting.

Also, if you’re trying to take a photo of food with a wide background, avoid taking if there are people walking by.

food photography tips

5. Edit your images

This is one of the more important parts in making your food photos shine. It’s also why most of the professional food photographers seem to always produce photos that stand out. It’s a lot to do with the post-processing of the images taken in RAW.

You can use Adobe Lightroom especially if you’re a beginner since it’s quite beginner friendly, in comparison with other post-processing systems in the market. Dabble with the luminance, vibrance, black, white, clarity, white balance and so on.

food photography tips

6. Use the photography grid rule (rule of thirds)

The rule of thirds simple means you create an imaginative grid or use settings for it to create grids of 3 x 3. This means 3 horizontal and 3 vertical lines crossing each other at exact proportions. Your subject should be where the 2 opposite lines cross each other.

A lot of food photographers don’t put their subject directly in the middle of the photo. It’s usually at the bottom left or bottom right. It may look better that way.

food photography tips

7. Add a human element to some of your photos

If you look at the image above, the person’s hands was purposely factored into the photo. It gives a human touch to the food you’re trying to take. Sometimes it makes the photo much better and gives a different feel to it.

For the veterans, what are some of your tips on food photography?