7 Suitable Christmas Presents For Malaysians


As Christmas is coming, some of you guys have to start shopping for Christmas presents whether it’s to give the younger children or for the office secret Santa events.

So we made an awesome list of Christmas presents to buy.

1. Faking it book

Because your colleagues need to know how bad they are at faking it. Want to play politics at least be good at it okay?

2. Driving message display

Because everyone who doesn’t drive like you is a bad driver. Give them the middle finger especially to those tailgating sportcars like the Myvi.

3. Holding hands coffee mug

Because every year also there are Malaysians who are forever alone. Make them happier by buying him / her a mug like this.

4. Giant Snorlax beanbag

Doesn’t come with the lady.

5. Coffee makes me poop mug

This one is reserved specially for the Starbucks hipsters.

6. Zero fucks coins

Give a special one this coin to let him know you don’t give a fuck fish.

7. R2D2 coffee press

Probably the only reasonable gift here. For all of the Star Wars fans out there.

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