5 Types Of Monster Hunter World Players

monster hunter world beta

Monster Hunter World just released its beta 2 to 3 days ago and it’s already trending on social media. We personally played it as well and it’s quite an amazing game despite the limitations imposed on the beta version.

You can download it for free but you need to have a Playstation Plus subscription in order to play it with others around the world.

Here are 5 types of Monster Hunter World players that we noticed.

1. The one who never goes after the boss

When you’re supposed to go after Barroth but this guy goes after Diablos and get killed, and use up all of your team’s lives. What a scumbag.

monster hunter world beta

2. The one who is always lost

This guy spends half of the 20 minutes to find for you guys. He’s like “Where are you guys” when he could have just check the damn map.

monster hunter world beta

3. The one who always misses

This guy carries the heaviest weapon in the game and every time he swings, the monster is already 100 meters away.

4. The one who always dies

This goes without saying. Never heard of dodge? Or potions?

5. The one who spends days playing Monster Hunter but never buys the real game

You know who you are.

This article is in no way sponsored, duhh.