Will Bitcoin Cash Overthrow Bitcoin As The No.1 Crypto?

bitcoin cash overtake bitcoin

Ever since Segwit2x was cancelled, Bitcoin has had a rollercoaster effect. Surprisingly it dropped rapidly but shortly went up after the announcement, perhaps due to the fact that less amount of Bitcoin-related tokens are in circulation.

However, Bitcoin took a hit and it dropped to $6,200 today! Bitcoin Cash rose more than 100% to hit over $2,000 in less than a day and has now settled at $1,600.

bitcoin cash overtake bitcoin

It overtook Ethereum at the number 2 spot on Coinmarketcap.com momentarily and it was looking like it was going to overthrow Bitcoin. However, it dropped down to $1,600. Plenty of FOMO buyers would have lost money buy now. At the moment Bitcoin is still holding strong and remains as the no.1 token in the crypto world.

bitcoin cash

What do you think about the current price of Bitcoin Cash? Will it rise further and become the no.1 valued cryptocurrency? Or will Bitcoin stand firm and remain king of the crypto jungle?